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Wish I Brought: Oven Thermometer

9 Aug

Prior to our move, we knew that there were adjustments that would have to be made with regards to standards in the States versus Russia. We considered power converters and adapters for our electronic devices and recognized that we would have to learn to think and speak in terms of metric measurements. Figuring out temperatures in degrees Celsius opposed to degrees Fahrenheit would help in checking the weather and being appropriately dressed. But that’s what the Internet is for, right? Cooking wasn’t supposed to be a problem because if I want to cook something at 450 degrees F, all I have to do is type “450 degrees F to C” into Google and it gives me the answer!

What I was not prepared for was an oven that does not have temperatures, but rather the numbers 1 through 8. With a general idea of low to high I was able to roast veggies and warm foods up, but this was definitely not going to work for baking or anything requiring specific temperatures.

After a failed attempt at making cookies, I tried to buy an oven thermometer at a few locations here. Admittedly, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which specialty store (or street corner table*) carries what you need, but I kind of felt that if I could not find it at Aшан then it was a lost cause.

This was a big item on my “to buy” list this summer and picked this one up at Target. While I wish we brought the nice electronic one that beeps when ready and has a built in timer that is currently in storage, I am glad that I had the opportunity to grab this one. It should get the job done for now. Bonus: it has Fahrenheit AND Celsius temperatures on the display!

до свидания!

* This will probably one day have its own post.