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Proceed with Caution

15 Nov

We have had consistently cold weather with a few more snowfalls since my last post. Today was particularly icy, though. There was ice covering the playground and field during outdoor recess and I passed many icy puddles and patches on my walk home. A rather rough few steps between my shuttle and the metro station lead to this blog post.

Since I know enough from past experience that it is not a question of if I will slip on ice and fall this winter, but a question of when it will happen for the first time, I decided to let you have a little fun with it. Use the comments below to guess when my first slip that results in an actual fall will occur. I’ll post again when it happens and let you know who had the closest guess.

до свидания!


8 Nov

We have SNOW!!!

As I was leaving work today it was raining, but the raindrops were freezing before hitting the ground. By the time I ran an errand across the city and headed home it turned into official snow. It would have been nicer without the rain-covered sidewalks and streets, but it really was gorgeous watching the snow drift down over our street. I will post many more pictures throughout the snowy season, but this was the best I could capture tonight.

до свидания!

First Snow!

Deceptively Sunny

5 Nov

We were greeted today by something we haven’t seen in a few weeks – the sun. It was such a nice surprise to open the curtains and see it shining into the apartment. It hasn’t been particularly rainy lately, simply grey and overcast everyday. Out of curiosity, I checked the weather to see what effect the sun was having on the temperature. Much to my surprise, I was greeted with the following:

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The Heat Is On

6 Oct

When we viewed our current apartment two things were explained with regards to the heating system:

  1. We could not control the heat. When the temperature dropped to a certain point for a certain number of days it would be turned on all over the city.
  2. The size of the heating units in each room were significantly larger than what most Russians thought was necessary. We were very happy to hear this as we are not at all “most Russians.”

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