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First Vacation

23 Oct

Before Ben received an invitation to interview for his current position (which means before I even knew he applied to a university in Moscow), he was asked to be in the wedding of two very good friends of ours. When he accepted this position, we discussed it with the couple and let them know that we would do what we could to make it back, but we had to take things one day at a time. So, there we were, less than a week before the wedding having to tell them that one of their groomsmen still could not confirm that he would be in the country on the big day. Not only were they not freaking out, but they were apologizing to us for the fact that our visas were not processed yet. This is exactly what makes them the kind of friends worth traveling half way around the world to see. Fortunately, three days before our scheduled flight the visas arrived and we were legally able to return to Moscow once we left.   Continue reading


Getting Things Done

17 Aug

The past week we have been able to check a lot of items off of our to-do list. Last Friday was an extremely productive day in which we accomplished renting a storage unit, getting HIV tested (apparently it’s a visa requirement for Russia – who knew?), having a gift engraved for Ben’s adviser, getting Ben measured for a groomsman’s tux, picking up a storage case for one of our bass guitars and dropping of the classical guitar for a pre-relocation tune-up. Since then we have been getting things taken care of here and there including having a moving sale, dropping off donation boxes, and taking the first carload of boxes to the storage unit.   Continue reading