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11 Sep

Last night, after a relaxing day at home, Hubs and I walked around our neighborhood to find a place to have dinner.  We ended up at a chain sushi restaurant called Yakitoriya. They found us a server who spoke a decent amount of English and they even had a translated menu – making the experience a little easier. The food was tasty (although Ben is still trying to figure out how bacon-wrapped tomatoes are part of a seafood-kebob dish) and we tried out some green beer. On the walk home we grabbed some cobbler at a bakery half a block from our apartment. Overall, a successful date night/dining out adventure.   Continue reading

Home Cooked Meals

8 Sep

If you want to start cooking at home more often, I recommend moving to a place where you do not speak the language.

Before leaving the United States, I blogged about acknowledging the upcoming changes to our eating habits. Since arriving I have not seen any vegetarian meat substitutes (that I could recognize, at least) and we also moved into an apartment with a half-sized refrigerator, confirming some of our expectations. In addition to these changes, eating meals out is a bit of a chore. Continue reading