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I Am Solar Powered

31 May

Sunny Window

I was born and raised in Florida.  When the time came for me to leave there, I headed west to Southern California.  The sun was always just there.  In fact, it was there a little too much.  As someone who burns easily, I spent more timing hiding from the sun than I did seeking it out.

When you think about winter in Moscow, the cold and snow and probably the top things on your mind.  And, yes, it is cold and it is snowy, but now that the weather has changed I am reminded of how little sun there is during the winter-half of the year.  After six months of winter, I find myself simply accepting short, dark days as life.  Since spring hit, though, I have noticed that I am generally feeling more energetic and optimistic.  I even feel like my physical appearance has improved (by the end of winter I was feeling like Moscow had aged me a lot more than the year and a half that had passed).  The good news is that given our northern position, our days can be very long.  Right now, when I wake up in the morning I can see the sun streaming through the blinds in the living room and I feel a lot less pressure to rush through errands after work because the sun doesn’t set until around ten o’clock.

This past winter I started taking vitamin D supplements, something that I had not considered before my first year (once again, this is something that I took for granted given my previous locations).  I am now considering purchasing a SAD lamp for next year.  While I know that it will never be able to mimic the effect that I am feeling now, I feel like every little bit would have to help.  Because, man, you guys, those winters are rough.

до свидания!