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Six Months!

27 Feb

Dear Moscow,

Happy Anniversary!

Six months ago today, we met.  I remember looking out the window of the airplane and thinking, “Oh. My. God. I am in RUSSIA.”  And now, half a year has past and I still find myself thinking, “Oh. My. God. I am in RUSSIA.”

Over the past six months you have provided a home, great friends, an amazing job, incredible public transportation, tasty food, and random bits of culture and history around every corner.

It hasn’t always been perfect, I know. We have fought and you have made me cry. You can be confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating. It is more than fair to say that most days it feels like we don’t speak the same language and you have literally left me out in the cold on more than one occasion.

We always seem to make it through these tough times, though, and I am looking forward to what the next six months have in store for us.

And while you didn’t have to get me anything, I definitely appreciate the delivery slip from Почта России alerting me that the package my parents sent almost two months ago finally arrived. That was a great gift and I’m so glad that you didn’t go overboard and also deliver the package that my friend sent over two months ago. That would have been too much.

With Love,  Jessica.