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Even the Cats Have Passports

12 Apr

For those of you wondering how the кошка is doing: Nebbie had her first vet visit this week.

The clinic where she stayed during our first few nights in Moscow was a great facility, but it was not easy to get to and no one spoke English: two very big hurdles for us.  We received a referral from a reliable pet-parent here (thanks, Laurie!) of someone who is bilingual and makes house calls, making the experience less traumatic for both Nebbie and me.  She received a kitty passport that will be used to track her vaccines, treatments, and examinations.  This will make traveling easier when the time comes for her to leave Russia with us.

The process was so easy – five minute phone call and twenty minute house visit – but having someone to call in case of emergency is one of those small details that somehow makes life seem a little less complicated.

до свидания!