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Moscow Moviegoing

10 Jul

Sunday was an exciting day: we went to the movies.

This has been on the “To Figure Out” list for awhile, but apparently all we needed was for Wes Anderson to release a new movie.

The Moscow Times lists current showings along with the language format on their website. While big Hollywood blockbusters tend to be dubbed in Russian only, some movies can be found in their original language with Russian subtitles or, as in the case of one theater, dubbed in Russian through special headsets. Moonrise Kingdom fell into the original-language-with-subtitles category. Admittedly, there was still a concerned whisper of, “Ben, what do we do if it is in Russian?” right before the movie began. Fortunately, it all worked out since Ben’s response was a sighed, “I don’t know.”

The movie was FANTASTIC and the overall experience was great. We went to the Novokuznetskaya location of пять звезд (Five Stars) theater. We found it with little difficulty and managed to buy tickets and figure out the seating/theater arrangement easily enough. I don’t expect it to be an every day activity, but it was certainly a nice way to spend the afternoon.

до свидания!