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Moscow with H&K: The Metro

17 Feb

So. Many. Photos.   While this is definitely a good thing, it also means that it is going to take some time to sort through it all.  I have decided to share photos and stories from our vacation in pieces.  Hope you enjoy!

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things about living in Moscow is the metro.  It is easy to navigate, covers the majority of the city, and most of the time I do not have to wait more than two minutes for a train.  These are all of the practical reasons that I love the metro, but the added bonus is that most of the stations are beautiful.  Even the most boring stations have a significant amount of marble involved.

It can be easy to overlook these details when commuting.  There is so much hustle-and-bustle to get around  that I have been wanting to ride some of the lines from one end to the other, stopping at each station to appreciate them.  I mentioned this to Heather and Kevin, and since they wanted to see some of the stations as well, we decided to take the circle line around.  The pictures below come from the stations on this line, with the exception of the last three which are from the Mayakovskaya station on the green known.  This station was added in because it is considered one of the most beautiful and is one of the most famous in the world.

This post also marks the end of my vacation recap.  Sorry for stretching it out so long, there were just so many photos and so many adventures to share.  The good news is that I am wrapping this up just in time for our next vacation: Ben and I leave soon for Tallinn, Estonia!

Reminder: the photos are a mix of all of our photos, so big thanks to Ben, Heather, and Kevin for their contributions.  See below for the gallery!

до свидания!