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Мой дом Россия (My Home is Russia)

1 Dec

One of the perks of my new position is that I chaperone field trips. This promises to be an excellent way for me to learn about my city. Today was the first one since I began and we went to the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia to see the exhibit entitled “My Home is Russia.”

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Home, Sweet Home!

5 Sep

Finding an apartment became a priority for us shortly before we moved when the university informed Ben that the Guesthouse had a strict no-pet policy.  It worked out for the best because the room we were staying in was about the size of a closet and once work began for Ben we weren’t sure how flexible his schedule would be to view possible apartments.  With the help of a leasing specialist that I found on the Moscow Expat Site we were able to find a place three days after arriving and moved in the next day.   Continue reading

Getting Things Done

17 Aug

The past week we have been able to check a lot of items off of our to-do list. Last Friday was an extremely productive day in which we accomplished renting a storage unit, getting HIV tested (apparently it’s a visa requirement for Russia – who knew?), having a gift engraved for Ben’s adviser, getting Ben measured for a groomsman’s tux, picking up a storage case for one of our bass guitars and dropping of the classical guitar for a pre-relocation tune-up. Since then we have been getting things taken care of here and there including having a moving sale, dropping off donation boxes, and taking the first carload of boxes to the storage unit.   Continue reading