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Advanced Russian

21 Sep


There are a number of activities that Ben and I call Advanced Russian. In addition to the fact that they usually require an advanced knowledge of the language, often these activities require a better understanding of norms and/or procedures. We tend to avoid these activities whenever possible because living here already requires so much effort. Why make it even more complicated?

Last February I began to really miss my pixie cut. I had a week off from work and spent most of my time pinning photos of cute haircuts and trying to decide if I wanted to go for a cut or not. Haircuts definitely fall into the Advanced Russian category. While there is at least one salon here that caters specifically to English-speaking expats, it is quite a bit more expensive than what I like to pay and short cuts require maintenance. If I was going to do it, it wasn’t going to happen there. Ultimately, I decided not to add another stressor. Instead, I took a pair of scissors into the bathroom and cut myself bangs as a compromise.

That wasn’t enough, though. Seven months later and I still wanted that haircut. I live two minutes from an afforable salon, yet still tried to convince myself to “wait until after winter?” That’s unacceptable.

I started to wonder if I can truly live here if I am unwilling to even get a haircut. I have been here for over a year and this is my home: a simple haircut should not hold me back. A Russian friend called the salon for an appointment, I loaded up a couple pictures on my tablet, and I went for it.

And… I love it. The haircut is great and the process was not bad at all. The receptionist and stylist both spoke a little English and were very kind about working with me. I will definitely go back when I need a trim.

The fact that this went well, though, does meant that I plan to tackle every Advanced Russian activity. Everything is viewed with a want-to-do versus willing-to-accept-the-hassle comparison. We really have to pick our battles around here. So, no one is allowed to say “remember the haircut” when encouraging me to do something, because then I will have to tell you about the time when I left the pharmacy on the verge of tears simply because I could not understand how much I owed.

до свидания!

Here are two photos of my haircut. Sorry for the poor quality!