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Forest Gym

1 Oct

After a year, Ben finally has a place to workout!

Tucked away in one of the forests is an incredible gym. You won’t find any elliptical machines or treadmills, but you will find bench-press barbells with tires for weights, a punching bag hanging from a tree, a lat pull-down bar attached to logs, gigantic carved clubs for hitting tires, and a log structure for throwing knives.

I tagged along with a book and camera one Saturday morning while Ben worked out with a friend. It was surprisingly busy, filled with the kinds of seriously intense people who I would expect to see ice-swimming in February (Ben and friend included), so I didn’t get too many photos. I did capture some of Ben beating a tire with a caveman club, though, so overall it was a success.

I am struggling to come up with words since it is both so well-built and so scrap-assembled. I think I will let the photos take it from here:


до свидания!