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Like Riding a Bicycle

2 Sep

Ben and I went on our first Moscow bike ride this morning!

Our bikes moved across the world with us, but since they were part of the much-delayed shipment we did not receive them until mid-December.  Winter really did not seem like a good time to take them out for a spin and by the time spring rolled around we had a pretty standard routine that did not include bike rides.

We took advantage of the break in the rainy weather to get in a ride today.  Thanks to a broken refrigerator, we were a bit delayed in our departure, but still managed to avoid too many crowds as we rode the sidewalks literally around Moscow’s center.  This is the path that we took, except we entered the ring from a different location (we actually live very close to the ring, so it’s quite convenient).

There are a number of things that I have witnessed as a pedestrian that I did not fully consider when planning a bike ride here.  First, Moscow does not really smooth down the curbs as crossings, so it was a rather bumpy ride.  Second, when crossing many major roads, there are underground walkways to avoid putting in crosswalks/lights.  These are very nice as a pedestrian.  However, I am not particularly good at carrying my bike up and down stairs and there were A LOT of these crossings.  Finally, it can be ridiculously confusing trying to stay on one street in Moscow.  Streets change names here a lot and there are also many streets with almost the exact same name in neighborhoods.  There were times during our ride when we had to stop and think about which of probably ten different streets would keep us on the ring.

Despite the fact that I expect my muscles to hate me tomorrow, I am looking forward to doing this ride again.

до свидания!