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The Heat Is On

6 Oct

When we viewed our current apartment two things were explained with regards to the heating system:

  1. We could not control the heat. When the temperature dropped to a certain point for a certain number of days it would be turned on all over the city.
  2. The size of the heating units in each room were significantly larger than what most Russians thought was necessary. We were very happy to hear this as we are not at all “most Russians.”

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Home, Sweet Home!

5 Sep

Finding an apartment became a priority for us shortly before we moved when the university informed Ben that the Guesthouse had a strict no-pet policy.  It worked out for the best because the room we were staying in was about the size of a closet and once work began for Ben we weren’t sure how flexible his schedule would be to view possible apartments.  With the help of a leasing specialist that I found on the Moscow Expat Site we were able to find a place three days after arriving and moved in the next day.   Continue reading