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Our Next Adventure

31 May

I recently mentioned that Ben and I were waiting for confirmation of plans for next year as our visas will be expiring at the end of August. Well, we now know what we’re doing and it’s not what we expected a few weeks ago.

An opportunity arose and after much discussion, we decided to go for it. I am happy to say that we are moving, but our Russian lessons will not be wasted since we’re heading to St. Petersburg!


In some ways this decision required more discussion and consideration than when we decided to move to Russia three years ago. I was offered a promotion that required the transfer and it’s an amazing opportunity, but since we’ve both been pretty happy with life here in Moscow we had to consider how much would change. Ultimately, I accepted the offer and we are moving our home to St. Petersburg. Ben will keep his affiliation with the Moscow campus of his employer, making regular trips back down here throughout the year. We are fortunate that his job allows this flexibility so that we can still spend the majority of our time together. This also means that I will come back to Moscow throughout the year to visit friends (and favorite restaurants).

SPB-Pt3_07We’ve both spent a good amount of time in St. Petersburg as tourists and Ben has been there many times for work. It’s a beautiful city and I’m looking forward to exploring it more. I’m super excited about my job and can’t wait to get in there in a couple months to get started.

We’ll be moving up in August, which I know is going to be here sooner than we expect given how busy the next couple of months will be. It will be a much easier move this time around as we do not have a townhouse full of furniture and eight years of stuff hanging around.

For those concerned about Nebbie, she is, of course, coming with us and will be adding a train to her list of transportation used, even though she would probably rather not.

We’ve definitely learned over the years that things do not always happen the way we want or expect them to, but sometimes we can take a chance and be really happy as a result. I truly hope that this is one of those chances and I’m looking forward to finding out.

до свидания!

We Made It!

27 Aug

Just a very quick post to say that we made it to Moscow!

We had a very busy few days, but thanks to our AMAZING friends we managed to clear out our apartment just in time to catch a ride to LAX.  We had a direct flight to Moscow and surprisingly the 12 hours went by pretty quickly.  Nebbie was highly medicated and although she was scared out of her little kitty-mind, she was a trooper and made very little fuss on the plane.  She is currently staying at a vet’s office until Ben and I can find a long-term apartment here (we found out just recently that the HSE Guesthouse does not allow pets).   Continue reading

Getting Things Done

17 Aug

The past week we have been able to check a lot of items off of our to-do list. Last Friday was an extremely productive day in which we accomplished renting a storage unit, getting HIV tested (apparently it’s a visa requirement for Russia – who knew?), having a gift engraved for Ben’s adviser, getting Ben measured for a groomsman’s tux, picking up a storage case for one of our bass guitars and dropping of the classical guitar for a pre-relocation tune-up. Since then we have been getting things taken care of here and there including having a moving sale, dropping off donation boxes, and taking the first carload of boxes to the storage unit.   Continue reading

Home Furnishings

25 Jun

I just sold our dining room table in a transaction that didn’t last more than thirty seconds. What’s amazing is that I remember it taking closer to thirty days for us to get it in the first place.

Just shy of seven years ago Ben and I packed up a car-full of my stuff and moved me to Irvine. Although Ben had been living here for almost a year, a mattress and box spring were the only real pieces of furniture that he had obtained since his roommate had everything else. So, we had an almost empty one-bedroom to decorate. Most of our furniture came from Ikea, but it was what we picked out for our first home together. I still love what we decided on and how it worked in both apartments we have lived in here. Continue reading

Tough Decisions

22 May

The decision to move to Moscow was a surprisingly easy one. However, this relocation requires us to sell or donate most of the stuff that we currently own. Fortunately, our furniture is not anything fancy so that is not a problem and most of the other knickknacks that we have can be disposed of with little emotion. Continue reading