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Moscow Fun

22 Feb


Just a post to share some of the things that we have been up to lately.


A couple weeks ago we met some friends for a trip to a Moscow Market and a forest walk through Kuzminky Park to dinner.  Despite the very cold temperature, it was a nice change of pace to be in the forest.  Being surrounded by so many trees made it easy to forget the bustling city around us.  This picture was taken just before we left the park.  You cannot see it very well, but there is a significant gathering of ice in Ben’s mustache and beard here.

Photo by Ryan Burg

Last weekend Ben proved how insane brave he is by taking a dip into a lake… in Moscow… in February.  Our friend received an invitation to go with someone who swims twice a week and invited Ben along.  Never one to turn down a challenge or new experience, Ben packed his bag and headed off.  Fortunately he had someone to tell him an appropriate length of time to stay in the water, so he survived with only positive things to say about the experience.  We are used to calling individuals who do this Polar Bears, but in Russia they are Walruses, or Penguins if they are particularly thin.  I believe that this makes him just a little bit more Russian.

Photo by Imanni Wilkes-Burg

This week I am on break from school and enjoying the down time.  Today I had an appointment next door to Katie O’Shea’s, so Ben and I had lunch and drinks there.  Since I have been sick for about a week and lost my voice yesterday, I went with a couple glasses of hot mulled wines instead of beer.  I definitely left feeling better than when I arrived.  This was our second time to the pub and we will definitely be back.

Hot Mulled Wine

Classy Signage

до свидания!



11 Sep

Last night, after a relaxing day at home, Hubs and I walked around our neighborhood to find a place to have dinner.  We ended up at a chain sushi restaurant called Yakitoriya. They found us a server who spoke a decent amount of English and they even had a translated menu – making the experience a little easier. The food was tasty (although Ben is still trying to figure out how bacon-wrapped tomatoes are part of a seafood-kebob dish) and we tried out some green beer. On the walk home we grabbed some cobbler at a bakery half a block from our apartment. Overall, a successful date night/dining out adventure.   Continue reading

Home Cooked Meals

8 Sep

If you want to start cooking at home more often, I recommend moving to a place where you do not speak the language.

Before leaving the United States, I blogged about acknowledging the upcoming changes to our eating habits. Since arriving I have not seen any vegetarian meat substitutes (that I could recognize, at least) and we also moved into an apartment with a half-sized refrigerator, confirming some of our expectations. In addition to these changes, eating meals out is a bit of a chore. Continue reading

Food for Thought

10 Jul

A few nights ago I made a dinner that has become a regular meal for Ben & me: one pack of soyrizo, three cans of blacks beans, a brick of tofu and various hot sauces and seasonings all served over quinoa. While making this meal I was reminded of a few conversations that we have had regarding anticipated changes to our diet. Right now we live somewhere with so many vegetarian meat substitutes that when I shared the above recipe a friend she asked, “Which brand of soyrizo do you use?” While I’m not sure that the soy-substitute situation is like in Moscow, I would imagine these types of foods would be highly specialized.   Continue reading