Are You Ready for Some Football?

29 Sep

Disclaimer: while “football” typically refers to soccer in European countries, in this case I do mean American football.

Ben and I aren’t exactly what you would call football fans, but the further away we are from the sport the more appealing it seems.  When we lived in Gainesville, it was impossible to avoid all-things-Gators, but in California it was less common and pretty fun to occasionally see a blue-and-orange sticker or t-shirt.  Here in Moscow, though, running into fellow Gators is pretty exciting.  And it does happen: at my school alone I have a co-worker, two parents, and two older siblings of current students who all went to UF.

So, two weeks ago Ben and I decided we were in the mood for some college football.  A little searching turned up that there was not one, but two bars in the city that were advertising the Gators vs. Hurricanes game.  We rounded up a small group of friends and enjoyed a little bit of American-culture here in Russia.

Apparently this intrigued one of our Russian friends enough that he went out and discovered that Moscow has an American football league.  This league means business: they offered Tim Tebow $1 million to come play two games, but he turned down the offer.

Naturally, we had to see what this was all about.  So, yesterday, we bundled up (it is COLD out!) and went to Torpedo stadium to see Black Storm take on the Moscow Patriots in a semifinals match.  It. Was. AWESOME.

American Football in Moscow

Pyrotechnics During Introductions

They weren’t necessarily the most skilled players, with few successful passes and players slipping in the mud before they could even be tackled sometimes, but the basics were all there.  I have never seen so many yellow flags thrown, sometimes they were even tossed when NO ONE WAS MOVING.  Ben mentioned that usually in Moscow we are in situations in which we have no idea what is happening, but this time we totally knew the rules.

American Football in Moscow

In Action

Not knowing anything about the teams, we all went in without allegiances.  Ben decided early on to support the Patriots because he liked their use of orange smoke in their intro.  I held off until halfway through the first quarter, eventually settling on Black Storm because they seemed more capable of catching the ball.  Plus, they have a total superhero name.  In the end, Black Storm was victorious and will advance to the finals.  I hope we are there to cheer them on to championship!

Go Black Storm!

Go Black Storm!

до свидания!


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