Dog Sledding

10 Mar

Please excuse me while I get this out of the way:  OH.MY.GOD.I.WENT.DOG.SLEDDING!!!

So, yeah, last weekend I went to the town of Dmitrov where I went dog sledding in the forest.  I was pulled by seven adorable, eager-to-run huskies (Siberian and Japanese!) on a fifteen minute ride.  Despite my nervousness, I managed to stay on the sled and enjoyed the ride thoroughly.  I also learned that when huskies want to run, they make sounds like I have never heard before.

Here is a video of the start of my ride (thanks, Heath!!!).  You can hear the dogs crying while waiting for me to step off the brake.

And, finally, some photos of the dogs, me on the sled, and some shots of the forest and fire where we waited while the others had their adventures.

до свидания!

2 Responses to “Dog Sledding”


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