AHHAA Science Center

5 Mar

We have lots of photos, so over the next few days I will be sharing them in separate posts.  They are all ready to go, though, so I have no excuse for getting off schedule!

Ben and I visited the AHHAA science center in Tallinn during our vacation.  We both have fond memories of science centers and museums as children, so we were excited to see what this one had to offer.

It wasn’t fancy, pretty much just a large room in a shopping center located underneath a main street, but it was FUN.  The room was filled with the basic, hands-on science demonstrations that show off just how awesome science can be.  There was a kid’s birthday party going on with lots of little ones running all around us.  It was so great to see them excited about the exhibits and having such a good time.  And it was pretty darn fun for us as well.

Some highlights included the classic electricity globes, light-powered bug races, a laser harp, a mini hall-of-mirrors, memory/attention tests, a tornado demonstration, and wheelchair races.*

до свидания!


* Ben wasn’t sure how he felt about having his photo taken participating in a wheelchair race, but I told him we had to post it because (1) the look of determination on his face is priceless and (2) he had this look when he wasn’t even racing against anyone.

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