Good Eats and Drinks in Tallinn

4 Mar

We have lots of photos, so over the next few days I will be sharing them in separate posts.  They are all ready to go, though, so I have no excuse for getting off schedule!

The food and drinks in Tallinn were both amazing.  The beer, in particular, was incredible.  Moscow has many things going for it, but beer is not one of them.  Within a few hours of being in Tallinn we found ourselves enjoying delicious living beers at the Beer House, an Austrian-style beer house that brews its own beers.  Their Medovar Honey beer was probably one of the best beers I have ever had.  We only had a few light dishes, but they were also fantastic.

On the recommendation of two colleagues, we had dinner at Olde Hansa on our first evening in town.  This is a medieval restaurant done right.  I was expecting it to feel cheesy and hokey, but it was actually a really nice atmosphere and the food and beer were wonderful.  The servers played their roles well, making comments such as going to get the “magical machine” to run our credit card, without feeling over-the-top.

We also enjoyed drinks and meals at Lounge 24, Depeche Mode Baar, Restoran Vanaema Juures, Porgu Brasserie, Valli Baar, and Sfäär.

до свидания!

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