Frequent Flyer

20 Nov

Almost 15 months ago I took my first international flight from LAX to Moscow.  I had been to port cities in Mexico by cruise and driven into Northern Ontario, Canada through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  And while I had flown between South Florida and Southern California many times, never enough to actually earn frequent flyer rewards.

Yesterday, I received this in my e-mail:

My recent trip to St. Louis bumped me up enough that I now have some formal status with Delta.*

I have been back to the States three times now since the move.  The first time I was with Ben, but back in June I flew back by myself.  Before the flight, I was a bit nervous about passport control and customs, not feeling confident without my partner to look to.  This trip, though, everything felt routine, even having to deal with the confusion of a cancelled and rescheduled flight.  I am amazed at how easily something like flying back-and-forth between continents can seem.

We haven’t planned too much for 2013 yet, but hopefully we’ll get to add some more miles to our frequent flyer memberships.

до свидания!

* It really helps that Aeroflot, Russia’s airline, is part of the Skymiles team.

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