Down on the Ice

5 Dec

We had a very fun, but very busy weekend including Ben’s thirtieth birthday celebration! I will be putting together a post over the next few days about that, but today’s post is to let you know that I have officially fallen on the ice.

One of the recess areas at school is a soccer field that had a few large frozen areas last week. The kids had a lot of fun running and “skating,” but even more fun running and sliding on their knees, stomachs, bottoms, etc. These areas were located directly in front of the walkway to the field, so I was very careful entering and exiting and would make sure to find non-slick places to stand while we were out there. Their location also makes it very tempting for every kid to take one last slide while heading in. Last Friday, while herding the kids to the lines, I see one of my students jogging and I specifically call him by name and tell him it is time to line up not slide on the ice. Of course, he couldn’t resist and not only did he slide across the ice on his knees, but he bowled me down where I was standing on the other side of the ice.

Now, I could have written this off since I wasn’t even MOVING when I fell, but the suspense of when it would happen has been killing me. I am surprised that I stayed standing so long and I’m also surprised that this was the first time one of the kids slid into me. Let’s hope I keep up my caution level and keep down the number of falls!

до свидания!


One Response to “Down on the Ice”

  1. Adrianne Benzion December 5, 2011 at 21:09 #

    That is so cool (literally) that you are living in Russia. Hopefully you weren’t to badly bruised by that fall. Looking forward to more posts!

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