Deceptively Sunny

5 Nov

We were greeted today by something we haven’t seen in a few weeks – the sun. It was such a nice surprise to open the curtains and see it shining into the apartment. It hasn’t been particularly rainy lately, simply grey and overcast everyday. Out of curiosity, I checked the weather to see what effect the sun was having on the temperature. Much to my surprise, I was greeted with the following:

Today marks the first time that I have checked the weather and it was a negative temperature. Admittedly, I do not check the weather everyday, so this may not be a first for Moscow. I also know that many of my friends and family have already been thrown into winter back in the States and this is not noteworthy for them, but -1 degree C (30.2 degrees F) with a “feels like” of -7 degrees C (19.4 degrees F) is something that I’m still not yet used to seeing. I also clicked on the ten day forecast and noticed that four out of the next ten days include possible SNOW. This is equal parts exciting and terrifying. I’m so excited to see how beautiful and magical this city will look covered in snow, but we have not received over shipment from the States which contains most of the clothing we can use to layer. We had moved from jackets and hand-warmers to coats and gloves, but I’m pretty sure we’re about to move to jackets under coats with hand-warmers over gloves. I feel quite ill-prepared for this winter weather and I recognize that it isn’t going away for awhile and the temperature will continue to drop.

I guess I will be keeping a camera handy for the next week to try and catch our first snowfall and there will definitely be another update if that happens!

до свидания!

One Response to “Deceptively Sunny”

  1. Nathanael November 7, 2011 at 05:14 #

    Tadj and I went up to Idyllwild for the weekend, and there was about 5 inches of snow up there! We went on a hike through the snow, and it was really fun. If you dress warmly, I think you will find that winter can actually be pretty beautiful and interesting. And it definitely makes you appreciate the warm weather x100 when it eventually returns.

    Surprisingly, it can often be colder when it’s sunny. The fog and clouds actually retain warm air and keep it closer to Earth. Once that layer disappears, the warmer air often goes with it. I learned this living in Vermont, where the sunniest days in the middle of winter can also be the coldest ones.

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