The Heat Is On

6 Oct

When we viewed our current apartment two things were explained with regards to the heating system:

  1. We could not control the heat. When the temperature dropped to a certain point for a certain number of days it would be turned on all over the city.
  2. The size of the heating units in each room were significantly larger than what most Russians thought was necessary. We were very happy to hear this as we are not at all “most Russians.”

Last week I noticed it was a little warm inside the apartment and then remembered that I found Nebbie napping right next to the heater the day before. So, I put my hand on it and noticed that it had been turned on. Moscow has apparently reached its coldness threshold.

It’s been running for over a week now and, surprisingly, it’s quite warm inside the apartment. Every now and then I consider cracking a window, but then I remember why it is on – because it’s freakin’ cold outside. When I checked the weather on Sunday before we went out it was 4 degrees C (39.2 degrees F) with a “feels like” of 1 degree C (33.8 degrees F)… and rainy. While this does not seem like extreme weather, necessarily, I will remind you that this was pretty much the coldest morning during an Irvine winter and it’s the first week of October.

So, while I may be a little warm right now sitting around the apartment, I simply remember how my bare face and tights-clad legs felt as I walked to the metro this morning and I’m just fine with it.

(Warning: this is only the first of what I expect to be many weather-related posts. I already added the “Weather” category and “cold-outside” and “weather” tags. Seriously, I moved from South Florida to Southern California to Russia – what did you expect?)

до свидания!


2 Responses to “The Heat Is On”

  1. Keith October 7, 2011 at 02:29 #

    Damn, I was planning on bitching about the cold when I move to Baltimore. I’m just going look like a silly ninny if you’re posting about the “a bit too warm inside” experience in Moscow!

    • Ivanna the Terriblog October 7, 2011 at 16:42 #

      Note that finding it warm inside due to the heating system does not relate to my wimpy attitude regarding the coldness outside. Pretty sure I would be posting about the cold weather if I moved to Baltimore, too. Let’s share how-we-can-survive-the-cold tips as we learn them!

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