One Month

27 Sep

Today marks one month since Ben and I arrived in Moscow.  It’s been a busy month of finding an apartment, starting work, and figuring out how to live here.  We had a huge learning curve when we arrived – everything from navigating the metro system to simply learning how to buy groceries.  By now we have settled  into a daily routine and are using our weekends to relax and explore a little.  We’ve made some friends (including a few with knowledge of the city!) and have been enjoying a bit of social time, as well.  

With this first month behind us we can begin moving to the next steps of settling in – navigating some of the more specialized shops such as pharmacies and clothing stores and learning some Russian.  Ben begins Russian classes this week through his employer and it is time for me to break out the Rosetta Stone once again.  After a whole day of hearing words I can’t understand and having to communicate my lack of knowledge with others, it is pretty difficult to come home and listen to my computer talk to me in Russian.  It is important, though, and I have to push myself to start from the beginning and get through it.  I know that I was learning a lot when I started and I see so much potential to learn this way.  Let’s hope that by my “Two Months” post I will have put a nice dent into the Rosetta Stone course once again.

до свидания!

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