Back to Work

17 Sep

This week I began working as a substitute teacher/teacher’s assistant at one of the schools here (the curriculum is entirely English language based).  The whole thing happened really fast – I went to the school on Monday to pick up the application and left with a few scheduled days.  I ended up working four days this week and already have a decent amount on my schedule for the next two weeks – add in a few last-minute calls and this will hopefully result in somewhat steady work.  It seems like a nice transition position for me here:  I don’t have the stress of taking my work home with me at night and I can adjust my availability, if necessary, when I go back to grad school in January (I took this semester off to sort out the relocation).  If we can make this work for awhile it will also offer me a similar vacation schedule to Ben so we can enjoy our breaks together.  I’ll continue to keep my eyes peeled for opportunities that will better support my LIS education, but for now it’s nice to have somewhere to go during the day.

до свидания!


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