We Made It!

27 Aug

Just a very quick post to say that we made it to Moscow!

We had a very busy few days, but thanks to our AMAZING friends we managed to clear out our apartment just in time to catch a ride to LAX.  We had a direct flight to Moscow and surprisingly the 12 hours went by pretty quickly.  Nebbie was highly medicated and although she was scared out of her little kitty-mind, she was a trooper and made very little fuss on the plane.  She is currently staying at a vet’s office until Ben and I can find a long-term apartment here (we found out just recently that the HSE Guesthouse does not allow pets).  

My first impressions of Moscow:

  • This place is amazing!
  • Street dogs really are everywhere – first sighting occurred before we even left the airport parking lot.
  • American pop music is pop music here, too.
  • Street lanes seem to merely be suggestions.  I am quite glad we will not be driving here.
  • We are definitely going to have to learn Russian.

I look forward to updating more as we explore the city.  For now, I will leave you with some photos of the view from our room:


до свидания!

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