Language Update

23 Jul

I am slowly working my way through the Rosetta Stone lessons – taking my time to go back and review sections when the new lessons become overwhelming. I haven’t even put a dent in the overall program, but anything I can learn before arriving in Moscow will help. I struggle with grammar, but think that learning the vocabulary will be the most important thing upfront and hope that the subtleties of the language will come with time.  

Every now and then I’ll look around and try to think of how many items in the area I can name off the top of my head. Incorporating the lessons into real life has helped me prepare for how I will have to think about things after the move. I can even assign color adjectives and size to some items, now! I considered it a small victory the other day as I was grocery shopping and realized that I knew the Russian word for three of the items on my list – eggs/яйца, milk/молоко and bread/хлеб.

Yesterday was a bit of a set back, though, when I realized just how difficult it was for me to successfully say “I am from the United States” (Я из Соединенных Штатов). I listened and attempted to repeat the phrase at least a dozen times before I had to just move on. I don’t know how often I will actually have to say this, but it seems like a pretty important thing to have in my Russian-language repertoire. As with the formal word for hello (Здравствуйте), I will keep trying until one day it just clicks and I will have another small victory.

до свидания!


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