Food for Thought

10 Jul

A few nights ago I made a dinner that has become a regular meal for Ben & me: one pack of soyrizo, three cans of blacks beans, a brick of tofu and various hot sauces and seasonings all served over quinoa. While making this meal I was reminded of a few conversations that we have had regarding anticipated changes to our diet. Right now we live somewhere with so many vegetarian meat substitutes that when I shared the above recipe a friend she asked, “Which brand of soyrizo do you use?” While I’m not sure that the soy-substitute situation is like in Moscow, I would imagine these types of foods would be highly specialized.  

More than just special types of food, we expect to have our grocery shopping habits change as well. That meal was made using cans of black beans that were purchased as part of an eight pack from Costco. Currently, we fill our pantry with all sorts of bulk items that allow us to make our staple dinners anytime without having to run out for items. This is in contrast to what Ben and I have been told independently: that in Moscow people go to street markets daily to get the fresh items that they want and while there are grocery stores there, they are used less frequently than the markets. I am quite excited by the idea of spontaneous meal planning and consuming fresh foods regularly. While we work our way through the canned goods that still line our shelves, I may try to stop off for some fresh vegetables or bread every now and then just to get used to the idea.

до свидания!


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