Home Furnishings

25 Jun

I just sold our dining room table in a transaction that didn’t last more than thirty seconds. What’s amazing is that I remember it taking closer to thirty days for us to get it in the first place.

Just shy of seven years ago Ben and I packed up a car-full of my stuff and moved me to Irvine. Although Ben had been living here for almost a year, a mattress and box spring were the only real pieces of furniture that he had obtained since his roommate had everything else. So, we had an almost empty one-bedroom to decorate. Most of our furniture came from Ikea, but it was what we picked out for our first home together. I still love what we decided on and how it worked in both apartments we have lived in here.

In Moscow, we will be looking for a fully furnished apartment. Even though they have Ikeas there and we could probably buy 90% of our current arrangement, this will save us the trouble of having to figure out how to get things to our apartment and also from having to dispose of everything next time we move. We won’t begin apartment-hunting until we arrive, but a little bit of research online has shown me that there are many different takes on what kind of furnishings would be appealing to English-speakers. I wonder what we’ll end up with?

до свидания!

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